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This is a history of Shiocton, written by Harriet Wilkinson, edited by Francis Gunderson. It was published in the Hortonville Star in 1967 and 1968. (This history is being republished here with permission of the New London Press Star Newspaper.)

This undertaking took Mrs. Wilkinson many years to put together and required the coordination and assistance of Mrs. Gunderson to complete and publish it. To keep it as original as possible, the chapters were scanned from the original papers.

Each chapter is a separate htm file and can be viewed by clicking on the chapter title in the list below. In order to return to this page to continuing viewing other chapters, use the back button on your browser. There are also navigation buttons at the bottom of each chapter that will allow you to go from one chapter to the chapters that preceed or follow it.

This is by far the most extensive and inclusive history ever written of Shiocton. We hope that by publising it here, it will bring back old memories to some, and bring a new understanding and appreciation for this town's history for others.

Personal Preface
1. Shiocton
2. Town of Bovina 3. Early Days of Shiocton
4. Village Incorporates 5. Early Ordinances
6. Street Commissioner 7. History of Green Bay and Western Railroad - Depot in Shiocton
8. Draying Service 9. Boats on the Wolf
10. Bridges and Ferrys 11. History of the Wolf
12. Saw Mills 13. Hotels
14. Bad Fires During the Years 15. Fire Departments
16. Post Office Locations 17. Rural Routes and Carriers
18. Doctors and Dentists 19. Public Library
20. Village Band 21. Hamlin Park and New Park
22. Congregational Church 23. Lutheran Church
24. Catholic Church 25. Schools in Shiocton
26. The Shiocton Union High School 27. Teachers - The One Room School, etc.
28. Fraternal Organizations 29. The American Legion
30. The American Legion Auxiliary 31. The Lion's Club
32. The Community Club 33. The Shiocton Business League
34. The Shiocton News OLD PHOTOS
35. Shiocton's Transformation 36. The Shiocton Marsh
37. Business Places - West Side of Street 38. Business Places - cont'd
39. Business Places of Long Standing 40. Business Places - East Side
41. Business Places of Yester-Year 42. Business Directory of Shiocton - 1904
43. Business Directory of 1967 44. The Oldest Home
45. Houses Now Gone 46. Houses on 1889 Plat
47. Shiocton's Most Famous House BIOGRAPHIES
1. Woodford Domincus Jordan
2. Randall Johnson 3. Edward A. Kendley
4. Mrs. Biancy Thompson Palmer 5. Daniel Torrey
6. Timothy Durkee 7. The Main Family
8. W. B. Allender 9. John Lonkey
10. The Spoehr's 11. Calvin Washburn
12. Fred H. Washburn 13. George Singler
14. Wesley Williams 15. Norman G. Williams
16. W. D. Boynton 17. Eden E. Rexford
18. Richard Bauman 19. Oliver Smith
20. The Fischer's 21. George Le Fevre
22. Harvey Booth 23. The Thorp's
24. The Hogoboom's 25. The Locke's
26. John Morse, Sr. 27. The Van Patton's in America
28. Harriet L. Nagreen Bowerman 29. Lorenzo Darling
30. Michael A. Mack 31. Doctor G. M. La Croix
32. Danielson - Donaldson - Wilkinson Final Edition - Index

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