Sunday Services @ 9:00 AM

N5610 Broad Street
Shiocton WI 54170

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The First Evangelical Lutheran Church was organized on November 21, 1897, as "The First German Evangelical Lutheran Church of Shiocton." It was the result of a desire by first generation Germans, mostly farmers, that wanted a place for themselves and their families to worship in their own community.

On that date, a constitution was signed by the founders; Ernst Moehring, Reinhold Otto, Emil Schlack, Julius Kottke, Julius Froehlich, Karl Beyer, August Metz, William Lehndorf, Henry Puls, Gottlieb Beyer, Karl Jarchow, and Albert Conradt.

The Shiocton community and the composition of church membership has changed significantly over the last 11+ decades, but the principle of worship based on faith, built on the foundation as defined by Martin Luther still remains.The German language has been mostly religated to the hymns Stille Nacht and Oh Du Fralegah during the Christmas Eve Childrens Service but the members today still hold close the same belief as our founders that we will find salvation in Jesus Christ.

As found on our seal, shown above, the words "It Remaineth" assures us that Christianity will withstand every evil force opposed to it, including the gates of hell. The words "It Shall Be Taken" remind us that if we despise the word of God, are indifferent or disobedient toward it and not thankful for it, it will be taken away. Indeed, the word of God is a rare gift and we must be vigilant that we do not lose our sacred heritage.

Our worship is grounded with the teachings of Luther and the heritage of the Wauwatosa Gospel;dedicated to the preservation of the Quartalschrift. Our services are built around the hymns and sermonizing of the Reformation and the Common (liturgical) Service that predates Luther.

We share this desire to preserve our heritage with other member congregations of the Protes'tant Conference of the Wisconsin Synod.

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