Sunday Services @ 9:00 AM

N5610 Broad Street
Shiocton WI 54170

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Our Church

In the beginning the first Lutheran congregation in Shiocton held services in the Congregational Church in town. Sometime before July of 1899, they purchased the single room school building that was being replaced by a new four room school in the village. This building was moved to the corner of Broad and Oak Streets; the congregations first church of their own. It was placed on one of 3 lots purchased along Broad Street, between Oak and Pine for the sum of $125. This location remains part of the church property. Even though it lacked the look of a true Lutheran church, It served their needs as a place of worship until 1930.

It is shown here along with the parsonage, which was built by the congregation in 1914

This building still survives, eventually becoming a school bus garage. It remains on residential property, directly behind the current church building on Pine Street.



Finally, in 1930, the congregation was able to build a "proper" church. As was the custom of German Lutherans, they built their churchs in a gothic style, narrow and tall. This gothic style was characterized by height, to give the feel of "looking upward". This symbolized their focus on their heavenly home, above. This was in contrast to other American churches, built more like meeting houses. focused on mortal life here on earth.

The church was built on the northern end on the property, on the corner of Broad and Pine Streets, moving onto the opposite side of the parsonage, but still facing Broad Street. The exterior of the church looks much the same as it did when it was built over 75 years ago.

A reproduction of the Dedication Booklet from October 26, 1930 can be viewed HERE.

Here is the story of our stained glass windows.


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